Aaargh $&§%/&%!!!=((```**  !!  - An Association of Errors

Which of your mistakes would you take to a desert island?

How does your body react to mistakes?

Concept, performance:

Andreas Liebmann



Augustin Maurs


Clarinet (HAU Version):

Kai Fagaschinski

E-Guitar Version GfkFB:

Kai Malmus



Thomas Friese


Artistic Advisor

Beatrice Fleischlin



Festival Höhenrausch Rostock

GfkFB Berlin (Kunstfabrik)


Guest performances:

HAU Berlin, Theater Basel


This performance collects mistakes and

turns them into a presentable object.


The object is created by me with help from the audience; therefore it is a collectively manufactured, very transient work of middling prettiness.


The performance unfolds thus: entering the performance space, the viewer finds tables which ask different questions:

Which of your mistakes would you take to a desert island? How does your body react to mistakes? How you do you know that the person opposite you has made a mistake? Which mistakes do you admire? Etc…

There is chalk on the tables, and the viewers write their answers onto the tables. Then various intermediate stages are shown, every one reflecting the phenomenon of the error in a specific way (an audio document of the Challenger crash, a video showing facial tics, a sermon on mistakes, et al.). Then I roll around on the tables, transferring all the mistakes to my body. I then turn one of the tables around and use a plastic tarp to turn it into a bathtub. The audience can pour water over me. Thus, the viewers’ sentences are flushed into the bathtub. Then the water is filled with plaster, the plastic tarp is tied together at the top and is lifted into the air by means of a hoist and pulley. In Rostock, this was accomplished with the help of a donkey from the circus. Ultimately, the object is suspended in the air, and once again we have accomplished something together. Even if it’s only an object of mistakes. In Rostock, this was accompanied by a video summarizing a local street survey asking people about mistakes and perfection. During the interview, I tried to place an ugly hat mounted on a long pole on the heads of passers-by.


At the end of the performance,

the resulting object looks approximately like this:


Who is here despite not wanting to be here at all?