In Vienna, Marcel Schwald and I were guests of the Brunnenpassage for a month. As part of the Festival “Viertel Kilometer,” our goal was to learn all the languages spoken in the quarter. On 15 days, we organized public language courses taught by people we had met on the street, in shops or on various occasions, and whom we had invited to be our teachers. We also offered the so-called Live Lexicon: a street action. We learned the language of passers-by, who then also started to teach each other what they knew and to correct each other.


The result: learning a different language every day does not lead to comprehensive language competency in that specific language, but it conveys a feeling for the geographically induced mutation of languages around the globe: it leads to geographic knowledge based on sounds.


At the end of the four-week performance, we presented a “Best of Languages” at the Brunnenpassage, comprising films, performance, and interaction.



All Languages – A Crash Course





Concept: Andreas Liebmann


Performance and Realization:

Andreas Liebmann and Marcel Schwald



Brunnenpassage Vienna, March 2011


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