Words and Sports




conzept, performance:

Andreas Liebmann



Festival ArtPicnic Bern

Juni 2008


words and sports is a half-hour performance in the woods. The words of two sentences have been spread around the forest, and at the same time the entire sentences have been written on the walls of a small hut. The first sentence is the famous statement by Buckminster Fuller comparing earth to a spaceship. The second sentence is by Robert Walser: A man takes a walk through nature and thinks that he must hear birds now. These two sentences open up a very broad, but at the same time very minimal perspective. When the audience has spread out among the words, the competition begins. People have to guess how long it will take me to complete a certain show-course between the words. The winner’s prize is a word, which they get to take home. In Bern, the winner chose the word “sun-flooded” from Buckminster Fuller’s sentence to take home with her.

“Some weeks had passed. It began to be spring again. The air was more humid and milder. Undefined perfumes and sounds began to assert themselves, appearing to rise from the earth. The soil was soft. Walking on it felt like treading thick, flexible carpets. One thought one must hear birds sing.” (All words taken from Geschwister Tanner by Robert Walser, published by Suhrkamp Taschenbuch, p. 33)


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