Hörspiel mit Live-Konzert



Text und Direction: Andreas Liebmann

With Martin Klaus, Pascale Pfeuti, Georg Scharegg und Nikola Weisse

Music Matthias Meppelink  Dramaturgue Lisa Friedrich Technics Jean Szymczak Production Chalet Olé 2015


Played at: ZHDK Zürich, Theater Winkelwiese Zürich, Theater Chur, Swiss Radio SRF2


Gold canons



Old Zurich bourgeoisie, disintegrating biographies, domestic money. An old lady gazes back on her life free of material difficulties: In the 30s she resided, with her family, in a grand estate on the horn of Zurich – today, the Bellerive Museum. Fleeing to New York displaced assets and perspectives. A super hero from the Niederdorf fought a dragon. The music hall shattered.  A nostalgic trip without a past.


The radio drama was developed as a sound installation for a theatre stage and later transmitted by Radio SRF2.


The material was based on memories of the life experiences of members of a branch of the family of the author/director. The female cousin of his father grew up in what is today the Bellerive Museum. Her father, Julius Bloch, a Zurich silk merchant, had the estate built together with his American wife Dolci Sulzberger.  The Bellerive is a grand estate with separate entrances for servants, large marble stairs for social affairs and a men’s salon for cigar smoking supports for nervous company. The Jewish family went to America because of the war, where it later became domestic and converted its wealth into single family homes and life-long security. The father and owner of the house, however, returned to Zurich at the start of the 1940s, where he died within his walls with a view of the lake. The 90-year-old lady still lives in New York.  She saved her money before gainful employment, of which she succinctly said, “I tried it once, but I didn’t like it.


The radio drama, which was presented as a performance in the arts theater in combination with a live appearance by Peter Liebmann (Andreas Liebmann’s 84-year-old father) at the Cembalo, evolved from the memories of the 90-year-old exile from Zurich, as well as further voices from this family circle, a fictional portrait of old Zurich money and a society characterized by this old money, a society that changed into the Zurich of today through political and economic mutations, hunting for the best quality of life world-wide, between conviviality and big business.


The bearer of the Swiss theater prize, Nikola Weisse, acts as the protagonist of the radio drama.