Change the others was a three-day performance devised as a collaboration among the participants in REart:theUrban – a trans-disciplinary congress about art in the public space at Zurich’s Gessnerallee.

The call for proposals read approximately like this:


“Make an appointment! In our studio, you can discuss your personal geology of excitement and design yourself as a neighborhood. Buildings of happiness, problem streets, broken windows, fields of anger. In conversation, we identify comprehensive connections. Afterwards, we build. You become a city and then change other people’s urban planning. You will also be changed by others! Become a landscape gardener and architect for your fellow human beings, and let yourself be rebuilt!”


Over the course of three days, a psycho-urban portrait of the participants was created. At the end, the resulting city was discussed in a workshop and rebuilt one last time.

Change the others

on the occasion of "reArt:theUrban" at Gessnerallee Zürich




Andreas Liebmann



Andreas Liebmann, Ines Wuttke

and visitors


Assistance: Ines Wuttke



Gessnerallee Zürich






You are a city part