Given the excessive media discourse on Germans in Switzerland and especially in Zurich, we decided to approach this topic very directly and in a playful manner, on the street.


We cuddled with passers-by in a bed on the street, discussing with them their experiences and opinions on the relationship between Swiss and Germans. In bed, we also read to them from Julius Caesar’s Gallic War (see above). We also got in touch with the “German Club Zurich” and invited conversation partners from the club or contact-happy passers-by to tour cuddle room at Gessnerallee, where we showed an intensification of our street activities, texts and interviews, continuing the discussion with the theater’s visitors. Incidentally, our most interesting guest was a Pakistani lady who was able to describe with great accuracy and humor differences between Swiss and German people from her perspective, comparing their relationship with that of Muslims and Christians in Pakistan.

A preliminary version of the performance presented at Gessnerallee took place in the apartment of a German which we had outfitted as a cuddle-lounge.


For the Südpol in Lucerne, I adapted the final performance, changing the dramaturgy and adding some new elements, for example a speed-dating session among the audience members in order to elucidate the reasons for our problematic relationship with the Germans, following statements made by a psychotherapist with whom I had cuddled. In the case of some audience members, this speed-dating session extended half an hour beyond the end of the performance.


The work in Zurich is documented relatively extensively on, featuring photographs, texts and several press reactions.

Cuddling with Germans



Concept: Andreas Liebmann


Performance and Realization: Andreas Liebmann und Marcel Schwald


Sets & Costumes: Gabriela Neubauer


Production Gessnerallee Zürich Spring /

Summer 2010, Guest performances and new version June 2011 at Südpol Lucerne

We really have hard times