In May 2013 Tumasch Clalüna and I spent 4-6 hours every day for two weeks in the inner courtyard of the University’s Psychiatric Clinic (UPK) in Basel. We sought conversations with patients and personnel, offered grilled sausages and built a cricket that was seven meters long. The goal of the performance was to organize a “GrillENfest” after two weeks, which about 60 persons from the clinic attended. In parallel to this work, we composed a daily Grillenblog (only text / with photographs) and worked on transferring the performance to the Rosstall at the Kaserne Basel. This final performance at the Kaserne featured a conversation with psychologist Renanto Poespodihardjo, a specialist for compulsive gambling who works at the UPK, an exhibit of the blog and the drawings by Jana Grabner, and our bamboo cricket, among other items.


Note on the documentation: Of course we could not take photographs of people inside the UPK. Therefore they were drawn and described in the blog.


*Translator’s Note: In German, "Grille" can mean cricket or whimsical idea, while grillen means to barbecue. Accordingly, a Grillfest is a barbecue party, while Grillenfest would be a feast of whimsy.



Conzept/Performance: Andreas Liebmann.

Assistance: Tumasch Clalüna

Live-Drawing Jana Grabner

Part of the Wildwuchs-Festival at Kaserne Basel 2013




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