How do you live?
Stacked up!

Together with Anca Muntenau Rimnic, I examined and researched the mentality of the inhabitants of the housing estates “Le Treuil” and “Le Parc Richelieu”. These estates are located very close to the theater TNT on the outskirts of Bordeaux. We met people of all ages living there: long-established Frenchmen, immigrant Africans, children playing, photographers in love.


We invited them to participate in our performance about the theater’s neighborhood, developing a performative neighborhood miniature with exaggerated short portraits, theoretical considerations on the architecture of ignorance (a construction method designed to keep neighbors strictly apart from each other within a minimal allocation of space) and short videos.


An incomplete reflection of the theater’s immediate neighborhood.

J´habite où?




Konzept, Performance:

Andreas Liebmann


Künstlerische Mitarbeit und Performance

Anca Munteanu Rimnic



TNT Bordeaux, 2009