Climate Conference

Negotiation poker for four generations



Director: Andreas Liebmann

Set design / costumes: Mai Gogishvili

Dramaturgy: Ruth Feindel

Assistance: Anita Wunderle


From and with: Vera Förschner, Jaska Gering, Christina Hildebrand, Marie Kaune, Kristin Lohwasser, Carmen Puchinger, Anja Scheurich, Annette Schledermann, Annette Schuck, Judith Schuck, Jule Zeschky; Holger Geppert, Finn Schuck, Lukas Schuck

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The climate must improve


Public servants from all countries struggle with small steps forward or backward at climate conferences all around the globe. Major progress, however, is not achieved, and closing press conferences sell tiny steps as historic decisions. The political process is at a standstill! New forces are sought! The climate must improve! The Freiburg Climate Conference brings previously unheard voices to the World Climate Council, making for a heated atmosphere. Conversations at tables and during intermissions swell into a chorus of the masses. Can this end well?


Fifteen citizens of Freiburg aged 12 to 60 have examined facts and fantasies about climate change over the course of several months; now they take a stand. Do we really have to stop being greedy? After all, it also has its nice sides! We have to plan catastrophes better! How much CO2 does the development of a theater performance produce? And what are the Chinese doing, actually? Why it is always me who should save the world? At least I have a bad conscience when I fly!

The last World Climate Summit before our Climate Conference took place in Durban, South Africa, in December 2011. Measured against absolutely pessimistic expectations, it was even a success. And the fact that the next Climate Conference launches just one month later, here in Freiburg, should give us reason for optimism. A warm welcome!