Stand up. Move. Freeze.


Little Red Riding Hood



Text: Steffi Hensel

Engl. Übersetzung: Simon Froehling

mit Schauspielstudenten der OHIO Northern University (USA)


Regie: Andreas Liebmannn

März 2009



Scenic production of Steffi Hensel’s text on the fall of the Berlin Wall. The imaginary movie unfolding within the head of a young woman from the East who takes her first steps into the loud, colorful, noisy West, continuously hearing her mother’s voice droning inside her head: Don’t leave the path!


Commissioned by Ohio Northern University.

Eine Auftragsarbeit der Ohio Northern University.

The glasses of my shades turn into a movie screen. The curtain rises. A house can be seen, so alien and white and beautiful. It is gleaming in the sun, I’ve never seen such a house. And how blue the sky is, it’s so blue that I want to wash my face in it, because I think it’s the most beautiful ocean-blue I’ve ever seen. And the lawn in front of the house is so juicy green that I want to bite into it. I want to feel the beauty of this lawn on my tongue, I want to imbibe it, I want to suck it out of each and every blade of grass so that I become as beautiful as this lawn, as colorful, as even and so perfect. But the best thing about the picture is the swimming pool. In this swimming pool, three old ladies are sitting. I fall instantly in love.


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