Luxury pawnshop



Andreas Liebmann



Silke Buchholz, Andreas Liebmann



Hannah Schwegler


set & costumes:

Barbara Pulli


artistic advisor :

Beatrice Fleischlin



Theater Neumarkt, Frühjahr 2008




In luxury pawnshop I examined the relationship of the citizens of Zurich with personal possessions. The performance had two stages. In the first stage, I stood on the street holding a sign saying “Lend me your property”. I was asking people to lend me their belongings so that I could furnish a luxury apartment at the theater space (the chorus passage of the Theater Neumarkt) – where I was living at this time. I visited people who wanted to lend me something at home, portraying them with the objects they were lending me, which had to have personal significance for them. I did not want garbage.

In this manner, I encountered very different people: rich ones, poor ones, dropouts, well-traveled ones; insurance agents with apocalyptic fantasies and settled citizens who had illnesses preventing them from being in full possession of their physical property. Using the objects loaned to me, I first furnished an apartment at the theater space and then presented the performance luxury pawnshop there. The evening consisted mainly of people being able to buy at auction the right to borrow other people’s objects for an evening: to sit on an expensive sofa, to wear a beautiful dress, to listen to a concert under a sparkling chandelier. For the performance, I used texts based on conversations with my “lenders” on the subject of personal property.


text example 1

text example 2