My prehistoric brain

Linguistic Tomography for an Exorbitant Organ

(World Premiere)


Production of the Theater Freiburg, autumn 2010 Text & Direction Andreas Liebmann Music Michael Emanuel Bauer, Hannes Strobl Dramaturgy Viola Hasselberg Sets & Costumes Moritz Jüdes Assistance Sascha Flocken Actors Lena Drieschner, Johanna Eiworth, Jennifer Lorenz, Martin Weigel Venue Lecture Building at the Institute Quarter of the Freiburg University, Albertstrasse 21, 79104 Freiburg The play was published by S. Fischer Verlag Frankfurt. Dedicated to Benedict Volk-Orlowski

text example 1

On the basis of my one-year encounter with the Parkinson sufferer, doctor, brain researcher and artist Prof. Benedict Volk Orlowski, I wrote a text for four actors and two musicians and directed it at the Theater Freiburg. The text is a fictional portrait of the fierce struggle – sometimes bordering on madness and the absurd – of a person who seeks to maintain autonomy and creativity by drawing upon his knowledge of the human brain and the effects of his illness and its medical treatment. I had met Mr. Volk as part of a theater project on the optimization of the brain, and I was immediately touched by his obsession with bringing different disciplines of thought together. The piece was invited to the “Play-Lab Basel”, for which I conceived a shorter version together with Astrid Meyerfeldt. The October 2011 edition of DU magazine published extracts of the piece as a photo and text feature.