Radio on AIR

at "VOICING RESPONSIBILITY" in KunstWerken Berlin



ConCept, Performance:

Augustina Woodgate, Andreas Liebmann



Carolin Hochleichter, Vera Lauf


further contributions at VOICING RESPONSIBILITY


Ulrich Bernard, Beatrice von Bismarck, Ellen Blumenstein & Daniel Tyradellis, Breakfast (a.k.a. Dinner) Exchange Berlin, Andreas Liebmann, Juliana Piquero, Manuel Scheidegger, Ruth Sonderegger, Joanna Warsza, Agustina Woodgate und weiteren Gästen. Gesamtkonzept: Nicola Beißner, Carolin Hochleichter, Vera Lauf, Sandra Teitge, Edda Wilde.



KunstWerke Berlin and KDK Leipzig






Messengers make mistakes


Together with the Argentinean artist Agustina Woodgate, I made this contribution to the event “Voicing Responsibility” at the Kunst-Werke Berlin, to be witnessed or listened to live.


RADIO ON AIR is a live report from some messengers, a radio broadcast created locally, near the works of art; it depends on the messengers who understand – or fail to understand – what they have heard and seen, but have to act in any case.


As part of “Voicing Responsibility”, the Kunst-Werke hosted several discussions centered on the subject of responsibility. Our eight messengers attended the conversations and brought us news of the discussions or about the idiosyncrasies of the participants and about the atmosphere; they quoted the speakers or reported other observations to us in the radio studio.


The resulting live radio broadcast was transmitted via the internet and found 40-80 listeners around the world.