Power puppets - let´s talk about it




Conzept, performance:

Andreas Liebmann,

Verena Stenke

Jan van Loh



Galerie Olaf Stüber (Emergency Room)

Art goes Heiligendamm, Rostock




Power Puppets – Let’s talk about it is a kind of fairground play. Verena Stenke and I developed it for the Emergency Room at Olaf Stüber’s gallery in Berlin. The underlying concept was that art should react within a day to political events. On that day, Mr. Putin was visiting Ms. Merkel in Berlin. And on that day, pedestrians could slip into their roles and finally raise their voices and be heard.


For the artistic action Art goes Heiligendamm on the occasion of the 2007 G8 Summit, the curator Adrienne Goehler invited me and Jan van Loh to develop this concept further. We created headless full-body masks of all the heads of state present and took to the streets in Rostock to hear the voices of passers-by as potentates.


After several days in the Rostock streets, we collected the voices we had captured into a live documentary concert featuring video snippets of the action, cello accompaniment and a reading of excerpts of the Club of Rome’s book The Limits to Growth.