Performanceserie über das Leben mit Geld




Konzept/Performance: Andreas Liebmann

Ausstattung Beratung: Sille Dons Heft

Dramaturgie: Tanja Diers

Kollaboration Kopenhagen: Marie Østerskov

Realisation: S/H Kopenhagen (Festival "Follow the money" 2014), Theater Rampe (Vagabundenkongress 2014)

Südpol Luzern





"Trust" is a series of performances that are done in various rich European cities, exploring the saying about neoliberal policies that all aspects of life are about to be economized. How do people cohabitate with money?

I sit in a square of golden sand and wait for my conversation partners. Next to me there is a wooden box - my trust fund - with all the stories I have been given  so far. On the sign is written "Are you rich? Tell me about it!".


The performance, which can last from a few days to two weeks, transforms in a second step to an indoor performance in the participating theatre.


So far the performance has taken me to Stuttgart, Lucerne and Copenhagen. From some texts I produced togehter with the german radio station "Deutschlandfunk" a series of short radio plays.


In addition to the performances, I publish a booklet at each location, which collects all the stories told to me in light editing.



* Das ganze Buch kann bestellt werden.