Andreas Liebmann


NOMA is the name of a world-famous restaurant in Copenhagen. Innovative food, the best wines, an ecstatic friendly staff and extremely high prices.

But NOMA is also the name of a disease that can break out in malnourished people. The disease breaks out in the mouth area and, if the simple hygienic measures that are necessary cannot be taken, destroys the face of the affected person in a short time. As a rule, NOMA leads to death. Those who survive have a disfigured face for the rest of their lives. We are NOMA. In our luxury restaurant we romp around and rob others of their face.

The performance NOMA is a noble kitchen with emergency food, an installation that changes over the performance period and an ambivalent competition. The visitors eat the installed head and can win a dinner in the NOMA restaurant.

The concept for NOMA won the tender RUM of the Theatre S/H in Copenhagen.

The book NOMA published by Artrebels with texts by Andreas Liebmann and image compositions by Dorte Holbek and Derek Lesher is available here.

Concept Andreas Liebmann, Derek Lesher, Dorte Holbek Text and direction Andreas Liebmann Costumes and props Dorte Holbek Installation Derek Lesher Singing and composition Mija Milovic Performance Erika Svensson, Derek Lesher, Mija Milovic, Linnea Jensen Lighting design & technical direction Morten Kolbak Video and sound design Rasmus Kreiner Photos Lars Daniel Terkelsen With the friendly support of Bikubenfonden, Statens Kunstfond