Andreas Liebmann


Is it possible to counter the suffering of the fugitives with singing on benches? Yes, you can! Rarely has the refugee theme been approached so boldly and crazyly in the theatre. A strong evening.

Eva Biringer on Nachtkritik

A Danish-Swiss family travels to Sicily. They reach a home in the Sicilian hinterland called Mondo Nuevo. Here nine Nigerians recover from a boat trip and wait for their further travel documents. The northern European guests and the residents tell each other stories of Hollywood, sing in finite friendship and kill time with table tennis. The blond toddler plays with a bathing sandal.

Exodus is a performance concert by and with family Liebmann-Schmidt. Their Ballad of the New Europeans is based on real encounters, narrated stories and songs, but interweaves these through fictionalisation and composition to create a narrative that goes far beyond the documentary. Inspired by medieval ballad singing, on the melody of the Danish ballad Kongebørnene, the song tells of “the valley next door” – it is so far away that the listeners have to trust what is being sung.

Concept, performance Andreas Liebmann, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt Stage, Costumes Manuel Gerst Musik Matthias Meppelink Light-design Annegret Schalke Dramaturgy Tanja Diers Production Annett Hardegen Choreographic advice Tiaheswery Thiaharaja Vocal coaching Johanna Peine In co-production with Sort/Hvid Copenhagen, Fourth World Berlin, Skogen Gothenburg, Rote Fabrik Zurich and Nordwind Festival. Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the Governing Mayor - Senate Chancellery Cultural Affairs Berlin